Sunday Ngere

an editorial and commercial photographer, specialises in people and corporate photography, with a style consisting of energetic imagery. Born in Nigeria (2nd April), a self taught photographer, who started taking a camera with him at a very young age. To him the camera is a black box capturing the moment his eye is seeing. He moved to England 1994 and founded his company Specphotos, with the use of pioneering Digital techniques, he quickly built a world-wide client base of all race and ethnicity and worked on many prestigious events and campaigns. In 2003, he established a career in photography. Sunday Ngere photographs of people reveals a compassionate understanding for his client. Running a client-freindly service-oriented business he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with his clients. His clients includes ad, weddings, events, non-profit organisations and Tv shows such as the current work on the show “Apostle Do GOOD”. His photographs always capture a lot of emotional depth, often in those mixed with portraiture. Some will make you smile and some will move you. The images provoke all sorts of emotions.

Lucy Edako

Lucy A.K.A Iyeh De Doyenne is an intrinsically motivated educator with over 20 years practical classroom experience, she has worked in both conventional and Montessori schools in various capacities. She is an exceptional communicator, a motivational speaker, teacher trainer, counsellor, mentor and coach.
Lucy is excellence driven, efficient, scrupulous, a great team lead and player, a swift learner, versatile, articulate, highly conceptual, analytical, Intelligent, resilient, loving, passionate, dedicated, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, dogged and flexible.
She is a much sought-after counsellor, private coach, trainer and motivational speaker on issues like: leadership, conflict management, school wide policies, classroom delivery and structure, Montessori philosophy and practice, curriculum, lesson planning and technology, teacher training, assessment, start-ups, phonics, Parenting in the 21 st century, counselling troubled youths, and much more.
She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Guidance and Counselling) in Education from the University of Lagos and a Montessori 2 ½-6 training from Disch Montessori Centre, Lekki-Lagos, Nigeria, an affiliate of Houston Montessori Center U.S.A.; she also holds a Master of Arts in Education Degree from the University of Derby, England, United Kingdom.
Lucy made her debut into the movie industry in the much talked about movie ‘’Apostle Do Good’’, a TV soap; produced and directed by Toyin Moore. She worked behind the scenes as the production manager.

Sidney Kiptuimising Sambu

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Sidney Sambu is a social entrepreneur and artist. Working with small and independent organisations to grow to medium size and beyond. His passion for Africa and the future
for the Mother continent drives his passion for projects he undertakes, at the same time celebrating diversity and appreciating the many different cultures that make up our amazing World.
As an artist Sidney is known for his photography and cinematography in the UK and he has worked as a DJ and TV presenter in Kenya before moving to the UK. His current projects are the production of this TV series, providing Africa with quality products through his latest venture Sam Cargos Limited and working with various Diaspora organisations such as Kenya and friends in the Park ©