Làbáké Làbáké  (born 22nd April into an amazing South Western family in  Nigeria.. Yoruba ) is a Nigerian actress ..  Having bagged a diploma in Law at the university of Ibadan in 1999 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree at the university of Abuja in 2004.., acting had always been in the charts.  She made her debut appearance in the famous Nigerian soap Fortunes.

A thriving financial adviser in insurance with Eunisure , with eleven  (11) years experience in the sales and  marketing sector, acting had always been a true calling even though it was put on hold to concentrate on her then young family till now..  Resumed Acting 2016 stared in the movie In a strange land .  Her  newest role as Pastor Mrs Sundamane in the TV soap  APOSTLE DO GOOD (A TOYIN MOORE FILM )  was shot and premiered in the UK, it will be   syndicated in Africa and Europe.

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