Lydia Tett Olet, is a proud Kenyan, real patriotic citizen and a Philanthropist . She created the company Malaika Dance Unique in 2008, after working and gaining experience and skills in a large number and wide range of performing arts organizations both home and abroad.

(MDU) provides creative educational and entertainment activity in schools and communities, our aim is to promote and create awareness of our African culture and pride in the main stream UK. In addition Lydia Tett Olet is also involved with TY Moore Concept Productions and Steve Nash Productions in acting, writing, making and producing movies in London Nollywood Movies.

The main creation for the Malaika Dance Unique is the established and indeed acclaimed, currently running, “The Darkest Hours of Victory”; Which is the first ever theatre play by a Kenyan (Lydia Olet) in Britain. She completed her first movie Captivated with TY Moore Concept which took her afar to Nigeria where the movie was chosen to be premièred, her second movie titled 69 (Yoruba Movie) and her third TV Series titled Apostle Do Good was premiered in London.

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