An outstanding actress since her childhood years, Nicky has always loved the stage.
A product of Trecom Drama College London, a member of Theatre 15- University of Lagos and other Drama troupes, Nike has performed in numerous stage theatres, dramas and plays.
Stage performances include: Willian Shakespear’s Merchant of Venice, Ola Rotimi’s ‘Our husband has gone mad again’, Things fall apart, Wedlock of the gods, Kurunmi, Kenya’s ‘The darkest hour of victory’, The Gods are not to blame and many more…
She acts as Kemi in her recent performance in TY Moore’s TV series production of Apostle Do Good.
Alongside being an actress, a trained Scientist and an Insurance consultant, She is an accomplished poet with superb poetry writing talent, who has from elementary years won various international awards for her poetic knowledge and creativity.
Selected for publication in the compendium of Poetry ‘The Best Poems and Poets of 2006,2007 & 2008 by the International Library of Poetry for superb talent in Poetry writing, Nike is always a natural breathtaking delight to behold on any screen or stage.

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